Spring and Summer Pewter Sale!

German Pewter Forest Scene

Susan accidentally ordered Spring and Summer painted pewter twice, not realizing we already had many of the styles in our inventory. To clear out the overstock, most of the painted pewter summer trees are now on sale at a 40% discount until our inventory is reduced.

German Pewter Pond Scene

German painted pewter has a history going back centuries. The detailed molds are carved by hand into slate. Then the pewter is cast by hand, cleaned top by hand, and painted by hand on both sides. They come in a nice red box between layers of foam to keep the pewter protected. The pewter figures from Wilhelm Schweitzer are marvelous for creating a scene, trees in the background and plants and animals in the foreground. This sale will allow you to discover the fun of creating scenes at a much lower price.

German Pewter Little Piper Scene

Santa Collection


Santa Claus is well known and well loved by children and the young at heart. We now have a new category on our website called the Santa Collection. Check it for all kinds of unusual Santas. Some are German, some are southwest, some are wooden, some are hand woven, some are painted pewter, and some are pueblo pottery.


Our beaded Santas can be worn as jewelry. Santa Chiles can hang on your tree. Susan’s daughter, Melissa, made both the jewelry and the chiles.

Santa collectors now have a place to search for something new for Christmas!