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Walnut shells have traditionally been used in German hand made ornaments. Many years ago, Susan’s family lived in Germany. Susan’s mother, Catherine Topp, copied a German walnut shell ornament, a sweet baby cradle with a curtain, to give to Susan. There was no baby head in it, so Susan made a head of salt dough, baked it and painted it with tiny eyes and mouth. Many years later, Susan’s daughter, Melissa, wanted to copy this design to sell. Melissa mastered cracking walnuts to get perfect half shells (not easy), attached the baby and its cloth curtain on a wire frame, and glued the tiny heads which Susan had made. It is a lot of work to make. Susan’s best sister, Sylvia, stitched the curtains in a zigzag stitch. So four females and three generations of one family have contributed to this special ornament. It might be perfect for a Baby’s First Ornament. It is the size of a walnut shell. It is an actual walnut shell.