Three Piece Pueblo Pottery Nativity by Mary Lucero of Jemez Pueblo


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Mary Lucero is a potter from Jemez Pueblo. She has filled her pottery nativity with detailed references to pueblo culture. Mary kneels on the ground, and her tall rust colored moccasins are fully painted, even where she kneels. Her manta, the traditional pueblo woman’s black dress shows its cotton underdress below the hem and on her sleeves. She wears a pottery necklace, a pottery ring on each hand, and her manta has a pin. Her hair is worn long and flowing, like a female corn dancer would wear it, and her shawl is carefully painted with traditional designs. Joseph has his hair tied into a chonga, a traditional pueblo style. He has a folded blanket over his shoulder, a sign of a formal occasion. He also has rust colored moccasins and pueblo jewelry. Baby Jesus lies on soft cotton in his separate pottery bed. He looks very happy and wiggly, his arms and legs raised above him. Each piece is signed. The tallest figure is three and three quarters inches tall (9.5 cm.).