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Michael Kanteena is fascinated with the styles of Anasazi pottery from prehistoric ruins like Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Mesa Verde in Colorado, and the Mimbres ruins in the southwest corner of New Mexico. After much study and work, Michael now makes reproductions of prehistoric pottery, and he also combines ideas from other prehistoric American Indian cultures with ancient Southwest pottery designs to create contemporary pieces of pottery. Most of the animals in this nativity have prehistoric black-on-white designs. The two male figures wear embroidered Pueblo kilts, and Mary wears a traditional black manta fastened at the waist with a handwoven belt. The attached feathers seem to give the breath of life to this unique Southwest pottery nativity.

Michael has repeatedly won prizes for his pottery at the Gallup Ceremonial and was named an important emerging Indian artist by Southwest Art magazine. He can be found at Indian Market in Santa Fe. He is also helping with the restoration of the paintings in the Old Laguna church and other important historic preservation projects.

This nativity has 13 pieces. The tallest figure is seven and a half inches (19 cm.)