Lullaby and Goodnight in a Walnut Shell

During my high school years, I lived in Germany. I have unforgettable memories of those magical times. Years later, my mother made a little ornament of a baby inside a walnut shell cradle, which was inspired by a German one. But my mother’s ornament lacked a baby’s head. I made a tiny baby head of salt dough, painted the little eyes and mouth, and glued it inside. My daughter, Melissa, was inspired to copy this ornament for my shop to sell, but she has no sewing machine. My sister, Sylvia, sewed the fabric for her, and Melissa assembled the real walnut shell (it’s not easy to crack a walnut shell perfectly), the cotton fabric, the wire frame for the cradle’s curtain, and the tiny hand painted baby head I made.


This unique ornament is now available on my website, the product of four members of my family and three generations, my mother, my sister, my daughter and myself.

If you are in Santa Fe, please stop by my shop and say hello and see all the new items that have arrived.

Your friend in Santa Fe,
Susan Weber

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