Jemez Pottery Craft by Maxine Toya

Maxine Toya is the talented daughter of Marie Romero. She began by helping her family with pottery chores. This is a familiar pattern among Pueblo families. She made her own pottery beginning in 1974. Maxine’s donkey in this nativity has a blanket painted with a fringe similar to the one made by her mother, Marie. Like her mother, Maxine is a prize-winning potter at Indian Market in Santa Fe. She sometimes combines her figures into groups. Her standing figures all have closed eyes. The carefully painted detail distinguishes this nativity, as well as the sweet little Pueblo drummer boy with his drumstick raised in the air. The angel’s wings have a lovely feather design. This was made in 2014 for Indian Market. Maxine has sold her work at Indian Market for forty years, presumably beginning in her own mother’s booth.

Click here to check Maxine Toya most recent nativity!

Maxine Toya pottery angel JemezMaxine recently brought us two angels in this style to sell separately. They have a bit of shine to their robes because the clay slip on their robes has mica in it. Their wings are beautifully painted with pueblo designs. Call us if you wish to know more:
(505) 983-2127.

2 Replies to “Jemez Pottery Craft by Maxine Toya”

  1. Hi …do you have any of the Maxine Toya angels and if so how much do they cost ❓
    I am blessed to have two large Marie Romero Pots she made for me in the early 1990’s…they are a treasure to me …
    Thank you
    Beth Magnon

    1. Hi Beth,

      Yes, I do have a Maxine Toya Angel. I may have a photo of it to send to you. It is $700.

      Susan Weber

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